Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed how delay and denial can cost lives. She was talking with Ari Melber about what could happen if situations regarding the coronavirus are delayed or denied, and she heavily stressed that it could cost lives. In that case, she’s right. Any delay or denial when it comes to medical situations and patients could always cost lives – that’s a given.

However, as Nancy Pelosi speaks about this, she’s missing one really gigantic and obvious point – that she’s also very guilty of the same delay and denial she speaks of. Except, her delay and denial isn’t in the medical sense, but rather in the form of blocking businesses from surviving and delaying our economy from returning to that once sustainable and amazing beast that it had become.

Pelosi was recently scolded for delaying a re-up with the paycheck protection plan that helped so many small businesses get LOANS to sustain their business and keep employees housed and fed. But the program ran out of money and needs more, especially considering how many small businesses there are in America and just how many people are employed by themĀ  – often operating at much smaller margins as well.

But alas, the Democrat House Speaker was at home filming tone-deaf videos in front of expensive refrigerators stocked with pricey ice cream as families who rely on their small business check, living sometimes check to check, were wondering if their job would even be there a few weeks from now.

If you want some fancy overpriced ice cream, you could always stop over at Nancy Pelosi’s house where her rumored $24,000 refrigerator costs more than half of what a starting teacher salary pays in Philadelphia (it’s like $40k something).

If you want paycheck protection and your government to help your business after they forced you to stay home, thanks to China, then don’t hold your breath.

Millions filed for unemployment, but here’s Nancy Pelosi by two massive refrigerators at Trending Views

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