Where is Xur Facebook page to become new home for Crankers Gaming page

If you were looking for the “Where is Xur” page on Facebook, but couldn’t find it, then let me explain why.

Over the years we started playing some other games like Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, and anything we can do to stop ourselves from playing Fortnite (because we stink at it).

So now we’re changing names to CRANKERS which is an old website name I’ve had for 10+ years.

I asked a few gamer friends what they thought and they loved it.

We’re going to focus on all sorts of console games, a little bit of technology, and even some movies and TV articles if they’re relevant or entertaining.

We have put in an official name change request to Facebook to switch the “Where is Xur page” (facebook.com/drastic215) over to Crankers and Facebook.com/Crankers

Hopefully it goes through!!

See ya out there!

Frank Bojazi
Philly guy reporting on fun stories in the news. Share these stories with your friends and family to start a conversation on social media. Enjoy!

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