MyPillow CEO seen leaving White House, holding notes that say: “Martial Law If Necessary”

Mike Lindell, the MyPillow CEO and friend of President Donald Trump, was seen at the White House this week. As he left the Oval Office, a photographer grabbed a shot of him and readers can see Lindell was carrying some paper with writing on them.


Internet users zoomed in to see what they could find, and it appears to be suggestions on how the president can still try to overturn the election, despite Donald Trump losing both the election and most of his legal challenges.

Lindell was seen on video leaving the White House Oval office:

The photographer who captured Lindell’s moment leaving the Oval Office, and leaving his notes revealed, was Jabin Botsford from the Washington Post. Botsford zoomed in on the notes and that’s where it mentioned “martial law if necessary” and some other information.

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As noted on Mediaite, the headline of Lindell’s notes say, “TAKEN IMMEDIATELY TO SAVE THE … THE CONSTITUTION.”

After a call for what looks to be appointing a new member his national security team, Lindell talks about researching election security and the nearby military base at “Fort Mead [sic].”

In the next paragraph, his visible notes begin with what could be “Insurrection” followed by “Act now as a result of the assault on the…” and then picks up in the next line with what appears to be “marital”  and then “law if necessary upon the first hint of any.”

The notes also reveal some names that may have gotten popular during Trump’s time just after the election, when his legal team and several others were making attempts to turn the election over. Those names can be seen by zooming in as needed.

Mike Lindell is a well known Trump supporter who sells pillows for a living.

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