Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser of Joe Biden, stated that the U.S. was supposed to acquire more tests for COVID 19 before holidays since the Omicron variant of COVID was on the rise. According to The New York Times, states like New York have witnessed hours-long queues, and businesses around the country were scrambling to keep tests in stock.

During a panel, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace talked about her being Fauci’s “groupie.” Wallace spoke about her being vaccinated three times but still wearing masks everywhere she went. As panelists laughed and nodded, she went on to claim that she still bought N-95 masks by the caseload, wearing them everywhere except when sitting down.

Wallace later expressed her concern, which she claimed was shared by other Americans who had been vaccinated.

Wallace said she was sure nobody was trying to get COVID, but she believed that the polling showed that vaccinated Americans were more afraid of getting it than those who didn’t get the vaccine. The rupture was so deep that people who had three vaccine shots, wore masks, and had unvaccinated children under the age of ten were terrified, while the unvaccinated people seemed to be humming until they were faced with the ventilator, she added.

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