Minneapolis city council votes 12-0 towards abolishing police department


MINNEAPOLIS — The city council has voted unanimously and approved a measure leading to abolish the police department in their city. This comes after nationwide protests and civil unrest, particularly calls to defund police and law enforcement in general.

The city council vote was 12-0 in favor of leading towards abolishing the police department. This will not automatically eliminate or disband the police, but it is a step in that direction.

What happens next is legislative process that will require support from the city residents in an upcoming election being held this November.

“The vote to abolish the police force Friday will require amending the city’s charter. A draft amendment that was posted online suggests replacing the force with a “Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention.”

The suggested department would consist of peace officers and ensure public safety through “a holistic, public health-oriented approach.”” (NY Post)

What happens next? City council members who voted towards abolishing the police department must find a way to get support for their new approach. If the residents of the city do not support their new “holistic” approach, and it does not get through legislation, then the police department will remain.

Council Member Steve Fletcher said, to the Associated Press before they all voted, that “It is time to make structural change. It is time to start from scratch and reinvent what public safety looks like.”

However, not everyone agrees with abolishing the police. Many people believe in defunding the police, or taking some of the funding and using it towards social services. However, a large portion of America believe we are safer having police officers and departments. The bad actions of a few officers does not speak for the majority who work hard to protect and help their community.

Minneapolis city council votes 12-0 towards abolishing police department

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  1. So tired of all this crap. Business owners being threatened to pay up or else their business will go up in smoke. This need to stop.

    Ya all think our President is bad but never heard him speak on thing against any race. He has more minorities working in his administration than any other President ever had.

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