Microsoft has now confirmed that the Xbox One X is officially discontinued. They are also discontinuing the Xbox One S All-Digital edition. With the Xbox Series X coming out near the end of this year, it makes sense to focus on their next generation system.

This all started with a rumor due to a post on Reddit that suggested the discontinuance. The post was titled “All Xbox One Consoles getting discontinued.” and stated “Something interesting I noticed today at my job. I work in electronics at target and I was checking to see if we were getting anymore Xbox one consoles in. I noticed every single Xbox console we normally carry was discontinued. Meaning essentially our store will no longer be carrying any Xbox one S or Xbox one X consoles. Doesn’t make much sense to stop selling consoles in July at a major retailer if the console is expected to release holiday 2020. Made me wonder if maybe a surprise early launch of the Series X is on the way”  – as discovered by Tech Radar.

“A more recent report by PressStart claims that sources at both EB Games and JB Hi-Fi told the Australian publication that they aren’t expecting any more stock of the Xbox One X, with the console being deleted from their systems, and instead offering the Xbox One S and upcoming Xbox Series X.”

CNET also reported on the discontinued Xbox One X, citing an emailed statement from Microsoft spokesperson to confirm the information. It stated that “Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured and sold globally.”

It’s worth noting that searches on Microsoft and Amazon might display limited supplies of the Xbox One X, but at this point, it’s not really worth it to buy an older console with Xbox Series X on the horizon.

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