It’s being speculated that Microsoft is interested in acquiring Warner Bros. Interactive. This news follows the recent article that AT&T is possibly deciding to sell the video game development arm of Warner Bros. 

IGN reports that the sale is not currently imminent. The Information reported that with Activision, EA and Take-Two, Microsoft is also interested in acquiring WB Interactive and several game development studios under it. If ever Microsoft, or any other company, buys WB Interactive, then they’d likely purchase studios such as Avalanche Software, Monolith Productions, NetherRealm Studios, Rocksteady Studios, TT Games. They would also be able to buy other WB Games studios that are situated across the globe. 

Do note that by acquiring WB Interactive, the company will not own Batman or Harry Potter and other notable characters. It only means that in the future, potential buyers must negotiate licensing deals. Doing this allows studios to create new games based on Warner Bros. characters and DC Comics. 

However, in the sale of NetherRealm Studios, Microsoft or Activision will be able to own Mortal Kombat. 

By acquiring WB interactive, Microsoft will be able to increase the number of Xbox Studios developers. By adding studios like NetherRealm, they would be able to develop DC and HP games similar to how Insomniac has the license to develop Spider-man games for PlayStation. Microsoft already has high-profile developers under its wings, notably; Ninja Theory, Obsidian, and Double Fine. 

The news of parent company AT&T planning to sell EB interactive was released last month. The company is looking down to pay its $145 billion debt. WB Interactive is potentially valued at $4 billion. 

In 2018, AT&T purchased Time Warner for $109 billion, and this is what resulted in its current debt. Investors are demanding that the company sell “non-core assets,” such as DirecTV and WB Interactive. 

IGN reports WB Montreal is working on a new Batman project. There are rumors that Rocksteady is developing a new DC game. In addition to that, Avalanche Studios is being linked to an unannounced Harry Potter RPG. 

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