Michelle Obama says Democrats losing 2016 election to Trump still hurts

“The Light We Carry,” is the title of Michelle Obama’s new book, she says that the Democrats losing the 2016 election to former President Donald Trump “still hurts.” Michelle Obama’s best-selling memoir “Becoming” seems to explain a lot. In a clip from the audio version of her forthcoming book, Michelle Obama said: “It shook me profoundly to hear the man who’d replace my husband as president openly and unapologetically using ethnic slurs, making selfishness and hate somehow acceptable.”


“It felt like something much uglier than a simple political defeat,” said Obama. “I couldn’t help but return to the choice our country had made to replace Barack Obama with Donald Trump. What were we to take from that?” She asked. “Barack and I always tried to operate on the principles of hope and hard work – choosing to overlook the bad in favor of the good, believing that most of us shared common goals and that progress could be made and measured, however incrementally, over time,” she added, said the report on Newsmax.

“We’d tried to live those principles out loud, recognizing that we made it as far as we had despite, and maybe even in defiance of, the bigotry and bias so deeply embedded in American life. We understood that our presence as Black people in the White House said something about what was possible,” read Michelle Obama.

She then continued saying of Trump, who succeeded former President Barack Obama, that It shocked her to hear him speaking about differentness as if it were a threat.

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“Stuck in my house over the frightening early months of 2020, I saw no logic to any of it. What I saw was a president whose lack of integrity was reflected in an escalating national death count and whose poll numbers were still decent,” Michelle Obama concluded.

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