Man credits Trump for surviving, slams Dem Gov for ‘sentencing people to die’

The man is only 38-years-old and he’s thanking President Donald Trump for his survival after contracting the coronavirus. The man, who has no other health conditions, says the combination of treatments that Trump said might work, actually worked.


His name is Jim Santilli and he gave his story to Steve Gruber, as reported by Breitbart.

After giving the story and crediting Trump, Santilli then went on to criticize his own governor who was accused of threatening doctors and pharmacists if they used what Trump was talking about.  This would be Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, who is neither a scientist, doctor, or pharmacist.

Santilli said of Whitmer, that “she is sentencing people to death.”

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Here’s what Santilli told Gruber:

Jim Santilli told talk radio host Steve Gruber he is “living proof” the combination of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin works.

Santilli said he became seriously ill March 18 “with severe cardiac and respiratory issues” and was admitted to Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in metro Detroit.

According to Gruber, “Santilli said the biggest problem was waiting for test results that took four days to come back. In the meantime his condition worsened by the hour, and he thought he was going to die.”

“Santilli says he was slowly drowning and was convinced he ‘would not live until midnight.’ That’s when doctors made a decision he says changed everything,” Gruber said.

The survivor said the drug combination began to work “within a few hours.”

It’s important to know that what worked for Santilli may not work for others. It’s also important to know that only doctors and pharmacists are skilled enough to ensure people get the correct dosage of whatever they are prescribing.

Different medications have different results on people and no one should ever experiment on their own.

Only, and always, act under the care of a medical professional.

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