McConnell not sure about voting to convict Trump

Mitch McConnell, current Senate Majority Leader, is reportedly undecided about voting to convict Donald Trump on the president’s second impeachment.

McConnell stated that he would listen to arguments made by the Senate in an upcoming trial that is likely to occur after Joe Biden’s inauguration as Senate is off until January 19. McConnell also penned a note to some of his associates regarding the situation with President Donald Trump and his historic second impeachment. The Senate will not return early for a Trump trial.

Part of McConnell’s note to cohorts was made public by his own office and then published by AP. That portion of his note stated the following about the ongoing dilemma: “while the press has been full of speculation, I have not made a final decision on how I will vote and I intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate.”

McConnell was also suggesting, before this, that President Trump had committed offenses deemed impeachable. Aside from suggesting that Trump might have committed impeachable offenses, McConnell made other comments about a Trump impeachment helping the GOP because they can then purge him from the party.

McConnell has told Congress that they should focus on a peaceful and safe transition of power this week leading up to Joe Biden’s inauguration. The Senate Majority Leader wishes for an “orderly transfer of power.”

McConnell had been recently criticized by the public for essentially blocking $2,000 stimulus checks that could have been sent to many Americans in need. He referred to the checks as “socialism for rich people.”

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