In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller,  Kevin McCarthy  House Minority confirmed that Repub Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney as well as Repub Illinois Rep. Kinzinger wouldn’t be going to attend the Democrat’s yearly retreat and tried to explain why he has not decided to kick them out of the Repub conference.
McCarthy stated that he feels the best approach to proceed with Cheney and Kinzinger is to assist those who are vying for seats. McCarthy, for example, backed Cheney’s democratic challenger, Harriet Hageman, in February and told the Daily Caller that over 100 Republicans senators would show up to support Hageman at a rally in late March, said report.
WATCH McCarthy’s recent press conference:

“Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat isn’t determined by your conference.” It’s up to you to decide. And that is precisely how I am going about it. In Wyoming, I am a supporter of Harriet Tubman. You’ll discover that Harriet will be honored at an event next week.
No one is aware of this. McCarthy told the Caller, “There are over 100 members who are co-sponsoring it.” “This is one of the reasons Liz isn’t working for Wyoming. She isn’t interested in natural resources. She had given up on it. You know, that’s Wyoming’s top committee, and the people will determine whether or not you get elected to Congress.
We have the last say on whether or not you will be in charge. Liz Cheney was not up to the task of chairing the conference. She was removed as a result of this. She does not attend the meeting. Adam isn’t going to run again. He went on to say, “We disagree with them.”
Cheney, who is running for reelection in 2022, has been chastised for supporting impeaching former President Donald Trump. Her impeachment vote earned her censure from the Wyoming Republican Party in February.