Democrat Maxine Waters was seen in a photo and video with Sam Bankman-Fried, the face of the FTX crypto exchange who donated millions to politicians, then later turned into a defunct disaster that caused people to lose millions of dollars. Waters said on Twitter: “@SBF_FTX, we appreciate that you’ve been candid in your discussions about what happened at #FTX. Your willingness to talk to the public will help the company’s customers, investors, and others. To that end, we would welcome your participation in our hearing on the 13th.

However, many people are still not sure why Sam Bankman-Fried is being treated like a celebrity when he reminds millions of people of Bernie Madoff who was shipped to jail quickly while Bankman-Fried is out doing interviews. People are wondering if the government is slow to move against Sam Bankman-Fried because of how many politicians FTX donated to, and if it would bring down the politicians and have them punished in a court of law. There’s a lot of “what if” and “why not” questions being asked about the FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried situation that need answers, but it seems like nothing will bring back the money so many people lost – but did their money turn into donations for politicians, and that’s why SBF is not behind bars right now? That all deserves answers.

Maxine Waters posted her message to Bankman-Fried, but she got called out quickly and dodged questions, not telling anyone if her or her friends received any of the millions donated by FTX. Instead, Waters suggested that both parties received money, making her lack of an answer quite telling. The people responding to her on Twitter did not hold back. Two of the worst messages show her taking a photo with Sam Bankman-Fried, but a video shows what appears to be her blowing a kiss towards him. The context of these media items are not 100% clear, but it’s a very, very bad look for Maxine Waters who won’t disclose how much, if any, money she received from FTX and/or Sam Bankman-Fried.

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