I’m Done: ‘Masked Singer’ Judge walks off after Rudy Giuliani revealed as contestant (video)

Rudy Giuliani appeared on the ‘Masked Singer’ show as a Jack-in-the-box and one of the judges walked off stage after Giuliani’s identity was revealed. It wasn’t an immediate storm off, but the judge did say he’s done and take off.



The judge who walked off was comedian Ken Jeong who did not seem happy with Rudy Giuliani being on the show, as reported.

After his identity was revealed, an enthusiastic but essentially tuneless Giuliani sang George Thorogood & the Destroyers’ Bad To The Bone to close out the episode.

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It was at this point that Jeong said “I’m done” and departed the spotlights.

It had previously been reported that Robin Thicke also left the stage to console Jeong, though footage of him leaving was not shown in the episode.

Thicke did look surprised at the reveal while co-judges Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger traded banter with the former politician.

It remains unclear why Ken Jeong walked off or if there is any personal problems between he and Rudy Giuliani.

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