Tennis legend Martina Navratilova SHREDS biological male Lia Thomas being nominated for ‘Woman of the Year’


Tennis legend Martina Navratilova took to Twitter to express the sentiments we’ve all thinking when it comes to biological men competing in women’s sports, following the NCAA announcement that transgender swimmer Lia Thomas was nominated for the 2022 “Woman of the Year” award by the University of Pennsylvania.


The nine-time singles Wimbledon champion tweeted: “Not enough fabulous biological women athletes, NCAA?!? What is wrong with you?!!!!!!!?”

UPenn nominated Thomas, who is a biological male who in 2017 ranked as the 462nd-best male swimmer on the school’s men’s team, for the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s 2022 “Woman of the Year” award. In 2020, after transitioning, Thomas joined the women’s team, and almost immediately became the No. 1 ranked female collegiate swimmer in the country.

One of the greatest tennis players of all time and a vocal LGBT activist, Navratilova, has been speaking out about the unfair advantages of biological men competing in women’s sports.

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“It’s not about excluding transgender women from winning, ever. But it is about not allowing them to win when they were not anywhere near winning as men. You try to keep it as close as possible to what it would have been had you been born in the female biological body in the first place,” she said in March.

Jason and contributor Delano Squires sounded the alarm on BlazeTV’s “Fearless with Jason Whitlock,” about the less obvious concerns of transgender athletes such as Thomas. Violating norms of athletic fairness is not what it is all about, but also the normalization of something that is downright dangerous to American children.

The question is, at what point do surgeries and drugs used for gender transitions become abusive?

Lia Thomas was also nominated by the University of Pennsylvania for the 2022 NCAA Woman of the Year award, according to the regulating body of American college sports, with critics slamming this announcement on social media as soon as it came out, most people claiming it is ridiculous and that a “real woman” should win the “woman of the year” award.

When Thomas triumphed in the women’s 500-yard freestyle competition a few months ago, he made headlines and became the first transgender NCAA champion in Division I history.

The champion soon became the center of a heated scandal when FINA (International Swimming Federation) voted to limit the participation of transgender people in elite women’s competitions.

Thomas was competing for Pennsylvania’s men’s team for years before switching to the women’s team and breaking numerous program records. His eligibility has been questioned on numerous occasions by many people and her Penn teammates.

Five hundred seventy-seven graduating student-athletes were nominated by member schools, according to the NCAA. In Division I, each school is allowed to honor up to two female athletes, and Thomas was one of them, meaning a REAL WOMAN lost her chance to be nominated.

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