Just in time for Spooky Season, Martha Stewart is aiming at another market with her new collaboration with the canned water brand “Liquid Death.” Yikes! You can see it for yourself in the video on YouTube.

It is a creepy black candle with a red wick in the shape of a dismembered hand – protruding radius, ulna, and all that – clutching a can of “Liquid Death.” The product is called the Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle.

The candle is made of unscented paraffin, and while you could burn it, it’s much more attractive as a permanent (at the very least, when seasonally appropriate) statement piece, especially given the fact that it’s true-to-life-size. But it will last you about 60 hours if you choose to burn it.

Each candle is made by hand, but the commercial itself is called her most R-rated collaboration so far. So hopefully, the process of making the candle wasn’t quite as gruesome as depicted in the commercial they shot in Stewart’s kitchen, which features a line of blindfolded fans unwittingly waiting their turn to have their hands chopped off.

Exclusively from Stewart’s website, the candle is available for $58, while supplies last, according to Parade. Make sure to place your orders before October 20, to ensure that your delivery arrives by Halloween. And if by any chance you find yourself near Stewart, or even worse, in her kitchen, make sure to keep an eye on her kitchen knives, as it is clearly seen in the commercial that she likes to chop off some hands for art… Or maybe just out of pleasure? And of course, no real hands were harmed in the making of their collaborative commercial.

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