Police were called to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Georgia home recently, as she said after someone made a prank call to officials saying there was an emergency there. She said that it was the sixth “swatting” episode that targeted the controversial Republican congresswoman since August.

This is what Greene wrote on Twitter the next day: “I was swatted for the 6th time last night.” “Swatting is a very serious crime,” she continued. “The caller wants to have their victim murdered by police. But it is also a giant abuse of police resources and time, which is another reason it is a serious crime. God bless my local police,” she added.

The incidents began in August, when cops in Rome, Ga. were called to her house two nights in a row, the lawmaker said, per a report on NY Post. 911 dispatchers were told that, in the first incident, there was a shooting at the residence. The night after that, someone identified themselves as a transgender individual named Wayne Greene and said that he planned to kill himself and his family at the location.

Apparently, the fake phone call was a reference to the far-right lawmaker’s opposition to so-called “gender-affirming” medical care for minors. Officers “did receive a false report of a crime at … Greene’s residence” and said the FBI was investigating, Debbie Burnett, who is the Rome Police Assistant Chief, has confirmed to The Post.

The has city 37,000 residents and is in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains 70 miles northwest of Atlanta. These swatting incidents already began weeks before Greene’s husband Perry filed for divorce.

Regarding her divorce, Greene told The Post in a statement that “marriage is a wonderful thing and I’m a firm believer in it.” “Our society is formed by a husband and wife creating a family to nurture and protect. Together, Perry and I formed our family and raised three great kids. He gave me the best job title you can ever earn: Mom,” Greene said. “I’ll always be grateful for how great of a dad he is to our children,” added Greene.

According to court documents, the Georgia congresswoman’s husband, Perry Greene, filed for divorce after 27 years of marriage. Perry Greene said the couple had split up in the past. He wants to divvy up their assets and debts equally, the filing says, according to court documents.

Calling her “an amazing mom,” Perry Greene said his wife has been his “best friend” for the last 29 years. “Our family is our most important thing we have done,” Perry said in a statement. “As we go on different paths we will continue to focus on our 3 incredible kids and their future endeavors and our friendship,” he added.

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