The religious Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene touched various subjects in a Christmas video she posted on Friday. Taylor Greene commenced by wishing Merry Christmas to the nation, especially Americans in her Georgia district. She emphasized that she was working to see the U.S. restored according to Christian principles.

Before reciting the verse of Joy to the World, she recalled the words of the great carol that held a special meaning through the troubling times the nation had been going through lately.
Green continued by saying that the reason she came to Congress in the first place was to work to restore America to the Christian ideals.

The week before Christmas brought the U.S. to 800,000 people killed by the COVID 19 virus, so Greene expressed her attitude on the subject of masks and vaccines in her Twitter post.
Greene wrote that vaccines were only necessary for diseases that have no treatment, adding that COVID now has a variation that is no longer fatal. She claimed that treatments need to be demanded by the general public instead of following deception and tyranny mindlessly.

It is believed that Greene had Omicron in mind when speaking about the non-deadly variation of COVID 19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Omicron version is expected to be more transmissible than the original virus, but its severity has yet to be confirmed. Vaccines and booster doses are still advised to prevent serious disease, hospitalization, and death from Omicron, regardless of vaccination status.

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