Manchin addresses rumors that he’s leaving Democratic Party

Sen. Joe Manchin provides some information regarding the rumors that he’s leaving the Democratic Party. There was a “scoop” posted on the Mother Jones site that suggested Manchin would leave the party if he didn’t get his way on the reconciliation bill.


However, it appears that Manchin calls those rumors nothing but “bullsh*t” and said he cannot control what people are saying about him.

Manchin was quoted saying the following when he was asked about the Mother Jones report/rumor: “It’s bullshit… I have no control of rumors, guys. No control of rumors… I can’t control rumors and it’s bullshit, bullshit spelled with b, u, l, l, capital b!”

Fox News chimed in on the situation and they were not able to confirm Mother Jones’ report either, suggesting it could just be nothing more than a rumor – especially after Manchin reportedly addressed it already.

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Further reports show he might be willing to work with the lower cost reconciliation bill.

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