Democrats suffered another blow this week when state Rep. Jeremy LaCombe announced he was leaving the party to become a Republican.

LaCombe, who represents a district in south Louisiana, is the second Democrat in the state to switch parties in recent months. Last month, state Rep. Francis Thompson left the Democratic Party and became a Republican.

The defections come at a time when President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in decline. A recent Fox News poll found that Biden’s approval rating among Democrats is just 81%, down from 92% in January.

The poll also found that Biden’s approval rating among women is 43%, down from 52% in January. Biden’s approval rating among voters aged 45 and older is 41%, down from 50% in January, said a report on the NY Post.

The defections of LaCombe and Thompson are a sign of the challenges facing Democrats in Louisiana. The state is a Republican stronghold, and Democrats have struggled to win statewide elections in recent years.

The defections could also make it more difficult for Democrats to pass legislation in the state legislature. Republicans currently hold a majority in both chambers of the legislature, but they need the support of at least one Democrat to pass some bills.

The defections of LaCombe and Thompson are a setback for Democrats in Louisiana, but they are not insurmountable. The party still has a strong base of support in some parts of the state, and it will be looking to build on that support in the coming years.

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