List of platforms Trump is banned from so far

President Donald Trump has been banned from numerous social media platforms and several others after the incident that took place on January 6 at the Capitol.


Various platforms have suggested Trump supported it or incited it and have taken measures to ban his presence on their platforms in hopes to prevent further insurrection acts, at least until President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated and the peaceful transfer of power takes place.

Here is a list of platforms and websites that President Donald Trump is banned from, thus far. One should note that some of these bans are not direct bans on the president, but are targeting content and hashtags connected to the incidents on January 6 or the president himself.

The list was compile from a report on Axios and is as follows:

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Reddit: a subreddit called r/DonaldTrump is banned. Trump is not particularly banned from this, but it supports him and Reddit nixed it.

Twitch disabled Trump’s video channel, taking away his ability to live stream events or broadcast messages.

Twitter has permanently banned President Donald Trump’s personal account, but has left the main President of the United States account active, yet there does not seem to be any Tweets posted in January (from what we saw), suggesting it might be monitored by Twitter.

YouTube has clamped down on election misinformation and claims of voter fraud that have not been proven. One of Trump’s recent videos were deleted when he addressed the situation at the Capitol but did not condemn the actions of many.

Facebook has banned President Trump from posting for two weeks, until Joe Biden takes office.

Instagram, connected to Facebook, has enacted the same two week ban on the president until Biden is in power.

Snapchat has turned off Trump’s account, making him unable to post messages.

Discord has banned a popular pro-Trump channel called “The Donald.”

Several other platforms like TikTok and Pinterest are removing hashtags and content connected with the incident from January 6.

Apple’s app store has given a 24-hour warning to a social media app to enact a moderation rule or be banned.

Google’s app store has already dropped the same social media app popular with pro-Trump supporters.

Some rumors on social media suggest Spotify has banned Trump too, but no recent news articles suggested that at the time this article was drafted.

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