Republican Lindsey Graham has built a reputation of being someone who shows up on camera when it’s time to make a vocal point, but then withering away and doing just about nothing as a politician. It’s really unclear how or why he’s still in office as if there isn’t anyone better?

Now a new book is supposedly claiming that the Republican Senator was talking bad about former President Donald Trump.  The book is supposed to be published soon and claims that in 2019, shortly after Democrats presented articles of impeachment against Donald Trump for his phone discussion with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham called Trump a “lying motherf***cker.”

The statement was made in the book The Divider: Trump in the White House 2017–2021, written by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser and scheduled for publication on September 20. However, some news outlets have access to an advanced copy of the book.

Author and writer Peter Baker has previously worked as a reporter for The Washington Post for 20 years before becoming the lead White House writer for The New York Times and a political analyst for MSNBC. Baker covered all presidencies from Clinton to Biden Susan B. Glasser, Baker’s wife is an American journalist and news editor. She is a staff writer for The New Yorker and publishes the web blog “Letter from Biden’s Washington.”

Graham spoke to Baker and Glasser in an effort to justify his stance against Donald Trump being impeached for his comments to the president of Ukraine. Graham labeled Pelosi’s actions “insane” but added that one should not trust Trump.

“He’s a lying motherf***er,” Graham said, and added that Trump is, “a lot of fun to hang out with.” According to the outlet, Graham also pointed out that Trump was the party’s leader, stating, “He could kill fifty people on our side and it wouldn’t matter.”

In September 2019, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Donald Trump would be officially impeached for allegedly working with a foreign government to gather evidence against a political rival. The Senate decided to clear Trump of these allegations in 2020.

The so-called Trump-Ukraine standard is around claims that Trump tried to pressure Ukraine and other nations into discrediting 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden and spreading false information about Russian meddling in the US elections in 2016.

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