In Arizona’s Senate race, the Libertarian candidate has dropped out and endorsed his Republican opponent. Libertarian Senate candidate Marc Victor dropped out of the race throwing his weight behind Republican nominee Blake Masters. In the midterm election, Masters is facing Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly.

Marc Victor was polling at 1% in a New York Times/Siena College poll released recently. Here is what Victor had to say in a YouTube video when he announced his endorsement: “I’ve said from the very beginning that the reason I’m running for Senate is to promote and get us in the direction of freedom and peace and civility.”

At one point in his video, Victor said: “[Masters] really is – in his heart and in his mind – he’s in favor of doing everything he can to get us very sternly, very smartly in the direction of ‘live and let live.’ And that seems like a good tradeoff to me.”

Masters is hoping the competition-turned-endorsement will give him a boost in the polls. He also sat down with Victor for a 20-minute recorded phone call, a day before Victor dropped out of the race, per report.

In the New York Times/Siena College poll, Kelly leads Masters 51% – 45%, outside the 4.4 percentage point margin of error.

The Fox News Power Rankings put the Arizona Senate race as a toss-up, with one week before the midterm elections.

Suggesting the GOP’s chances are improving in a crucial race that could determine which party takes control of the Senate this fall, the Cook Political Report also adjusted its rating in the race from “Lean Democrat” to a toss-up.

Cook Political Report analyst Jessica Taylor wrote that the rating change comes “amid a spate of tightening private polling that has left Democrats worried about one of their strongest incumbents.”

This fall, Republicans are defending 21 of the 35 Senate seats on the ballot. The determining factor in their chances of taking control of the Senate this fall could be if the GOP wins the Senate race in Arizona. Along with Arizona, states like Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania were also polled from October 24-26, finding that Democratic candidates hold slim leads in each of the states except Nevada, where the race is a dead heat, per reports.

In Georgia, Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock leads Republican challenger Herschel Walker 47% to 44%. Another poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that Walker and Warnock are in a neck-and-neck tie at 46%.

In Pennsylvania, Democratic candidate John Fetterman leads Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz 49% to 42%. A poll from Franklin & Marshall College surveyed from October 13-24 and had Fetterman leading Oz 49% to 45%.

Though Republicans are favored to take the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate remains a toss-up for the midterm elections.

It’s also important to remind readers that the polls generally don’t mean anything and are often a small sample size, thus not reliable at all. They’re more of a talking point than anything.

The only thing that can impact the midterm elections is for every registered voter to go out and vote for your preferred candidates.

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