We are living in a post-constitutional America: Mark Levin rips Jan. 6 Committee, says it’s causing demise of America, leading witch hunt against Trump and supporters

Fox News host Mark Levin ripped the Jan. 6 Committee, saying it is causing the demise of the country for leading a witch hunt against former President Donald Trump and his supporters.
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Levin, the host of “Life, Liberty & Levin” tries to warn viewers and listeners that the January 6 Committee is causing the demise of America, making it feel like the country we’re not used to living in.
Levin was holding a small copy of the United States Constitution and saying: “This is supposed to be the overall law of the land that protects our individuality, our freedom and the civil society.” Then Levin tried to warn his fans that living under the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris administration is making America different, “in many ways we live in a post-constitutional America” and then saying that “those who are waving the Constitution today on the January 6 committee have been major participants in its demise.”
Levin also scolded the Jan 6 Committee hearings as a “kanagaroo court” and said the following: “Let me ask you a question. Let’s say you are gonna go to a court of law. There is no judge. There is no jury. You don’t have a lawyer. You can’t call witnesses. You can’t provide exculpatory evidence, you have to watch. And watch… Let’s say the jury is chosen by Nancy Pelosi, but don’t worry its bipartisan, we have 7 Democrats and 2 Republicans and there’s media in the back taking pictures, rolling cameras, taking notes, as ‘scribes’ for the prosecution-the prosecution being the jury… and then reporting, ‘oh we have new findings, new information has come out.’ It’s not a perfect parallel but good enough, that is pretty much what’s been going on with this January 6 committee…”
The conservative host continued, saying: “In a normal committee hearing, even a committee hearing-a subcommittee overlooking agricultural subsidies. You would have more opposition than you have in this committee, which is none… I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. It’s totally choreographed, members are reading off of teleprompters, one member has been given responsibility for leading the hearing, he knows exactly when to stop. So video is played, cherry-picked deposition video, then they have their cherry-picked witnesses asking them questions. This is a hybrid between a political prosecution and a criminal prosecution which is exactly what the framers rejected. We have what’s called ‘separation of powers.”
ABC News recorded details of Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss using a teleprompter in his targeted statement against Donald Trump and supporters, claiming that ‘democracy is in danger.’ ABC News reported: “In his opening statement, Thompson — looking directly at the camera and reading from a teleprompter — called Jan. 6 “the culmination of an attempted coup” and illustrative of “President Trump’s last stand — his most desperate chance to halt the transfer of power.”
Critics bashed the Jan 6 Committee immediately after it was made public that they were using teleprompters during a hearing.
Photo: screencap YouTube video.

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