Leave us alone and let us work: Approx 5,000 protesters trek across Brooklyn Bridge

Thousands of protesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to speak out against NYC Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio and his proposed mandate.


Many of the protesters were carrying American flags and signs, some saying: “Do not f**k with us’”, “Recognize natural immunity”, “Do not comply”, “My body, my choice”, “FDNY against tyranny”, etc…

Many New York City police officers and firefighters are not interested in the mandatory vaccination and feel as though Mayor de Blasio is painting them in a bad spotlight for not feeling for it. Some of them suggest there are other emergencies and dangerous situations to deal with, like crime rates, and some of them feel as though the mayor is making them look like a big threat to society and public health.

“To the citizens of the city, we want to continue protecting you,” said a man wearing an FDNY shirt.

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At least 20 people were arrested throughout the day, according to reports. It remains to be seen if Mayor de Blasio will keep the mandates or issue consequences.

Watch the video posted by Scootercaster, who added a brief description of the video to go with it.

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