Ingraham shames downfall of Democrats: went from being party of FDR and JFK to Thelma and Louise



Fox News host Laura Ingraham spent a bit of time roasting Democrats for numerous reasons. She says the party is heading full speed towards the edge of a cliff and now they’re employing a “Jussie Smollett” defense ahead of their potential wipeout, in the sense that they act like victims when they might be the cause of their own demise.

Ingraham says the Democratic Party went from being the party of FDR and JFK to the party that jokingly acts more like Thelma and Louise.

The Fox News host also touches on Joe Biden’s low approval rating and handling of the economy, showing a news snippet suggesting that some people are now turning towards favoring Republicans.

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Some important factors that voters are looking for, particularly those in the suburbs, are hopeful for safety from crime, nice roads, a secure border, and simple things – many of which some Democrat mayors are having a tough time with in big cities – especially crime. For example, Philadelphia has over 520+ homicides this year alone. While Philly deals with surging and terrible homicide rates, Democrat leadership has taxed sugary drinks years ago and just recently banned plastic bags from stores, with people now paying 10 cents per bag in some places.

Ingraham goes further comparing a possible election scenario where Donald Trump squares up against Kamala Harris, suggesting that Trump would easily win – but that’s just a hypothetical situation and not a reality at this point.

Ingraham did not hold back as she spent this portion of her show just pointing at bad things coming out of the Democratic Party in general.

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