Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s update causes an uproar after patch 1.23.0 turns out to be bigger than a lot of people’s personal computer hard drives. 

Before, ByBerry reported on the 84GB update file that had Activision start an investigation. Now, with Modern Warfare’s patch 1.23.0, it is obviously intended to be that way. The 84GB update is small compared to the update now. Yes, Modern Warfare’s patch 1.23.0 is 200GB. That’s bigger than some computer hard drives. Not only that, but the uncompressed update file will not even fit a 25- GB SSD.  

Under Reddit’s r/pcgaming, vanillaricethrowaway posted a screenshot of Modern Warfare install folder in their PC. The total file size came up to 209 GB. PC Games also reported that their Modern Warfare folder turned up taking a chunk of their space. The file took up 235 GB on their older HDD. Even with a terabyte-plus size hard drive, that is still too much. 

Reddit never fails when it comes to discussions on games. Theories of the uncompressed file, along with complaints, are found under the thread. With the massive update, people with 500 GB hard drives are bemoaning about Modern Warfare. One user suggested that the optimal setting is to have a 500 GB system setup with 1 TB for fast storage. 

 People compare this to Destiny 2. Destiny 2, despite being predicted to have a massive 165 GB mark, only reached 68 GB, minimum. The updates on Destiny 2 include additional Shadowkeep. Modern Warfare’s patch includes a newly increased 200-player count for the Warzone’s Verdansk map, which is not that much in other’s opinions.

Users are now forced to budget their storage spaces. Redditors have already started deleting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from their computers while others upgraded their systems to cater to the change. Some speculations of uncompressed data being easier to process on lower-end systems have been circulating, but people still think that this update is unreasonable. 

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