A laptop has been reported as stolen from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Jeff Merkley’s offices. This took place allegedly during the siege on the Capitol by pro-Trump protesters.

The Democratic House Speaker’s aid, Drew Hammill, reported that the laptop was used for presentations and was designated for a conference room, as reported by Reuters.

It is unclear what documentation or files are on the missing laptop and Hammill did not comment further on the situation of the missing laptop.

In terms of Merkley’s missing or stolen laptop, he claims it was taken out of his office.

There appears to be a hint of national security at risk when it comes to the theft of government laptops, which could possibly contain sensitive or top secret information. However, it remains unclear what exact information is on either laptop.

Both of the alleged laptop thefts took place on the same day, but officials and investigators do not believe the technology devices were the actual target of anything other than the protest and bad behavior.

Numerous people spent much of the time protesting by taking photographs and recording video, likely to document their day and post it on social media. However, some of that same footage and photographs has in turn been used against the protesters, allowing authorities to identify people and make arrests.

Several arrests have been made for notable figures who were seen during the day. Some specific arrests that were noted are a man carrying the podium and another who was wearing a hat with horns.

Authorities are using photographs and videos to continue their arrests as needed.

Speaker Pelosi has called for Trump to be removed from office immediately.

WATCH Pelosi respond to the incident from January 6th:

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