Lakers star Anthony Davis apparently can’t stop vomiting, suffering through illness

Eight-time NBA All-Star Anthony Davis, who played just seven minutes in Saturday’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers and told reporters after the game that he is throwing up frequently due to stomach illness, said that he was still having some troubles during Monday night’s overtime win against the Charlotte Hornets.


He said that he vomited between the 3rd and 4th quarter, but that they needed this win so that was the main reason why he wanted to stay on the court and help his team to secure the victory: “We needed a win mostly, we wasn’t losing this game” said AD after the game.

Despite not feeling well, the Los Angeles Lakers’ forward scored 32 points, grabbed 12 rebounds, made 4 assists with an amazing defensive performance on the other side, blocking 5 shots and adding 3 steals in 44 minutes. This would be a great game for anyone, so this flu bug that AD is having right now just adds up to what a great player he is.

The Los Angeles Lakers missed their star player LeBron James again who is dealing with an abdominal strain and has been off the court since Nov. 2 when they won against the Houston Rockets, with head coach Frank Vogel adding that there is still ”no timetable” for when he will be back, despite him participating in a Monday shoot-around, so they will need these kinds of performances from Anthony Davis as the Lakers are having a 1-2 record without James on the floor.

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Carmelo Anthony also stepped up scoring a season-high 29 points off the bench, with seven 3-pointers and played a key role in this win, while Russell Westbrook added a new triple-double to the many he had through his career, by having 17 points, 12 rebounds and 14 assists.

The Lakers are now having a 6-5 record with this win, which started a five-game homestand for them hosting the Miami Heat in their next game, after which they will face the Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, and Chicago Bulls which is followed by a difficult five-game road trip visiting the reigning NBA champions Milwaukee Bucks in their first game of that streak.

So for AD, it will be very helpful if he can get over this flu as soon as possible, as he will be the main guy the Lakers will need to rely on in this busy schedule with LeBron still being sidelined.

All jokes aside… if there’s one thing we know, it’s that LeBron would be out 8-10 weeks if he vomited even once.

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