Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot, the dog was stolen, and the suspect is finally dealt justice – and wow, it sure is harsh! James Howard Jackson, the man who stole Lady Gaga’s dog last year while shooting her dog walker, was given a 21-year prison sentence after he accepted a plea deal. Detectives who worked on the case don’t think the criminals were aware the dogs belonged to the famous musician; instead, they think the group was motivated by the French bulldogs’ high value as a breed, which can reach thousands of dollars.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office,  Jackson, one of three individuals and two accomplices who took part in the violent robbery, entered a no contest plea to the count of attempted murder. Prosecutors said that on February 24, 2021, Jackson and two other individuals were searching for French bulldogs while they drove around Hollywood, West Hollywood, and the San Fernando Valley. Fischer was a random target, reported NPR.

Ryan Fisher is the man who was seriously wounded while he was walking Lady Gaga’s dogs. He talked to the court during the trial and recently published his statement on Instagram. Fischer explained that the incident took place almost two years ago. He took Gaga’s three dogs, Koji, Asia, and Gustav, for a stroll, not suspecting that this was the night his life would take an unexpected turn.

During the attack, the man gave his best to protect the dogs and prevent the thieves from taking them. It was in vain. Fischer was strangled, beaten, shot, and left to bleed on the sidewalk. Koji and Gustav got stolen. The dog walker’s screams were captured on a doorbell camera nearby. He screamed for help and noticed his chest was bleeding. Fischer went on to explain that one lung had to be surgically removed because of the injuries and that he is still healing both mentally and physically.

Despite the fact that Jackson seriously harmed his well-being, Fischer forgave him and all others involved in the incident. He said that the event had completely changed his life, but he was unable to heal fully until he forgave his attackers. A couple of days after the theft and the shooting, Jennifer McBride, who was also charged with the crime, returned the stolen dogs to their owner. When the dogs went missing, the pop artist offered a $500,000 prize to be reunited with them.

Jackson also acknowledged the charge of causing serious bodily harm and a prior strike, though the prosecutor’s office didn’t immediately identify the nature of the first strike. Charges against Howard Jackson include attempted murder, planning a robbery, and assault with a semiautomatic weapon. Jackson was released from jail earlier this year as a result of a typing mistake. He was recaptured almost five months after the mistake.

Lafayette Whaley drove Jackson and Jaylin White about looking for expensive dogs. Prosecutors earlier stated that Jackson and White jumped out of their car and attacked Fischer. They assaulted and choked the dog walker. Then, Jackson pulled out a semiautomatic gun and fired, wounding Fischer before fleeing together with his accomplices. The McBride case is still in process.

Photo: U.S. Marshals Service/AP and Shutterstock

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