Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who avoided the death penalty after killing two people at a demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is intending to sue LeBron James for allegedly defaming him on social media, according to sources. According to TMZ, Rittenhouse revealed plans to sue a slew of celebrities and media sources earlier this week but has since added James to the list after the sports legend mocked him on Twitter during the trial.

After being cleared of the accusations, Rittenhouse retaliated against James in December, claiming that he used to be an admirer of the pro basketball player, per report.

Rittenhouse announced the formation of The Media Accountability Project, which will be used to fund legal challenges against media organizations and A-list celebrities who labeled him a “murderer” and distributed “lies” about him before and after his acquittal.

In his interview with Fox News, Rittenhouse stated that he didn’t want to see anybody else going through struggles similar to his and added that he was considering a couple of celebrities, athletes, and politicians. Whoopi Goldberg is one of the people that could face the lawsuit.

When it comes to Goldberg, she called Rittenhouse a murderer after he was cleared of all charges by a jury of his peers. He mentioned Cenk from ‘The Young Turks’ who also referred to him as a murderer before the verdict and had the nerve to continue calling him like that.

Rittenhouse also intends to sue President Joe Biden for referring to him as a white supremacist.


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