Actress Kristy Swanson scolds Nancy Pelosi video: “It’s all over the place, so out of breath and very woozy. Is she ok?”

Actress Kristy Swanson saw a video of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi talking about the Joe Biden BuildBackBetter agenda and issues a comic response on Twitter. Swanson said, “Who edited this video? It’s all over the place, so out of breath and very woozy. Is she ok? Warning: watching could make you feel dizzy.”


It’s unclear if Pelosi was having any issues either medical, cognitive, or anything else, but as of now there is no clear evidence stating one way or the other.

WATCH the video Swanson mentioned:

Pelosi says they’re down to the stretch and mentions horse racing while somehow tying it into the Biden agenda.

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Pelosi’s original tweet said, “Our work to #BuildBackBetter for a future that is worthy of our children is getting done. Democrats are in the homestretch to deliver solutions to some of the most persistent challenges for America’s working families that reached a tipping point with COVID.”

It is unlikely that the video was edited to make Pelosi look bad, as it was originally posted on her own account.

Swanson, 51, starred as Buffy Summers in the 1992 movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also had a role in the The Phantom from 1996.

Some reactions on Swanson’s timeline were as follows:

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