While the United States government bickers over a relief bill that includes direct payments to most Americans, it was Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley who came up with a solution that was only two sentences long. This was quite the decrease from the 5,000+ pages in the Congress version of the relief bill.

The famed Cheers actress posted her idea on social media and over 54,000 people “liked” it so far. She kept it quite simple and said, “Here’s my bill…. it has 2 items. Congress takes no pay for 6 months. Americans receive $1,000 a month for 6 months. End of Bill.

Alley’s idea is for Congress to not receive their paycheck for the next six months, something many Americans have endured in 2020 due to restrictions or varying degrees of lock-downs.

She always wants Americans to receive $1,000 per month for the same six month period, quite an increase from the proposed one time payment of $600, but of course, not included in that reference is the proposed unemployment increases and other potential benefits.

Alley posted another message similar to this one an hour prior, calling for $2,000 to Americans and calling out Congress for inflating the bills with “BS.” She said, “Get rid of the BS & give Americans $2,000 relief money.. NOW is the time to show favor to Americans.When I read the ridiculous amounts of money for idiotic studies and enormous donations such as the Kennedy Center .. my blood boils. The Kennedy Center can wait.. families can’t.

As of now, unemployment benefits have expired and no bill is signed by President Trump, who called for an increase in stimulus checks from $600 up to $2,000 for most Americans.

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