No AD yells COLD GUN: Kirstie Alley responds to Alec Baldwin incident


Alec Baldwin has been a major news topic this week after two people were accidentally shot on the set of the movie ‘Rust’ – with one person passing away and another being injured, sent to hospital, and released.


The constantly revolving story keeps adding layer after layer as more details emerge, other celebrities weigh in, and everything is investigated to see what happens next.

Actress Kirstie Alley made a statement based on her personal background in the industry. Keep in mind that her statement might be reflective of her personal experience. She said, “No AD yells “COLD GUN” The armourer or prop person is supposed to PERSONALLY show you the gun so you can see it is empty for yourself. Then I dry fire it into the ground. I have NEVER been handed a gun by an AD & I’ve been handed 100 guns & I’ve never heard “COLD gun” in 40 years.”

AD appears to stand for assistant director and that’s important because it was allegedly the assistant director who handed the gun to Alec Baldwin.

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More importantly, in this situation, that particular assistant director, Dave Halls, “had previously been fired from a movie after a gun was “unexpectedly discharged” on set, a producer who worked on the project confirmed to Forbes.”

Watch the news video from Entertainment Tonight revolving around Alec Baldwin’s incident.


In another video from earlier this year, Kirstie Alley was on the Tucker Carlson show discussing politics in Hollywood.

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