Kid Rock did an interview with Tucker Carlson and they revealed the rock star drives a Rolls Royce that says ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on the side of it. The slogan, targeting President Joe Biden, is not an official part of the car – but something that Kid Rock put on the car himself. Rolls Royce does not sell a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ edition of their vehicle, but that would be hilarious if they did.

WATCH and see Kid Rock’s Rolls Royce with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on the side of it:

If that’s not amazing, then what is? I’ll tell you – Kid Rock’s ‘We The People’ song is fairly good and it doesn’t cost as much as the Rolls Royce.

You can watch Kid Rock’s ‘We The People’ song on this page, an article where he talks about not being canceled because he does not care what anyone else thinks, says, or does.

Kid Rock combats cancel culture by not listening to anyone who tries to cancel him, and anyone who doesn’t buy or like his music – well they probably didn’t buy or like it anyway, so who cares!

Whether you like Kid Rock’s music or not is one thing, but we know this – Kid Rock’s attitude towards doing what he enjoys, without needing the validation of cancel culture people, is how everyone should be thinking right now.

You can’t cancel me, go screw yourself! Do what you love and don’t worry about what other people think.

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