Kevin McCarthy taunts Nancy Pelosi, saying ours “is bigger than yours” (video)

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has officially taunted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a recent video that has already received over 1 million views. McCarthy issued a statement to Pelosi, who was recently elected for the fourth term as House Speaker, and his message was simple: “Hey Nancy Pelosi: Our freshman class is bigger than yours.


McCarthy included a video showing numerous members of the incoming class of lawmakers, essentially bragging to her about the people who won elections, despite him losing his own to Pelosi in the bid for House Speaker.

Pelosi, who is the only woman to serve as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, edged McCarthy by very narrow margin with a vote of 216 to 209. McCarthy will serve as the minority leader of the chamber.

McCarthy has also accused Pelosi of  being responsible for “the least productive Congress in nearly 50 years” according to AP.

He said, “there was a clear message in last November’s elections, when Republicans gained seats by defeating a dozen Democratic incumbents. “It was a wake-up call,” he said. “The question I ask of this majority: were you listening?”

Upon losing his bid for House Speaker, McCarthy suggested that House lawmakers were neglecting their responsibilities during challenging times, as seen on Fox News, even suggesting that they are unaware of what Americans really need.

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WATCH Kevin McCarthy’s video to Nancy Pelosi:

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