Kanye West officially files for OK presidential ballot

Rapper Kanye West filed to appear on Oklahoma’s presidential ballot. Oklahoma is the first state where the singer met the requirements before the filing deadline. His name is officially added. Now, people are confused if he is truly going to run for president this year or in 2024. 


In a report by AP News, Oklahoma Board of Elections spokeswoman Misha Mohr explained that a representative for West filed the paperwork on Wednesday afternoon. They paid $35,000 for a spot on the state’s November 3 presidential ballot. West is one of the three presidential candidates who paid the filing fee before the deadline. Mohr said that the other two are concert pianist Jade Simmons and cryptocurrency businessman Brock Pierce. 

TMZ reported that West’s campaign filed a “Statement of Organization” with the Federal Election Commission. This cements a principal campaign committee for West’s candidacy. New York Magazine’s “Intelligencer” reported Steve Kramer’s comment, where he said “he’s out” and that West’s staff are disappointed with him backing out. The two clashing reports only amplified the confusion.

However, even if West decides to run, he lacks on time. For one, he has missed the deadline to pass the requirements in several states. At the moment, it is uncertain if he is willing to collect enough signatures required to qualify in other states. It remains undetermined he is willing to do so. 

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Byberry reported that the star who was one of Trump’s most valiant defenders is finally “taking the red hat off.” The red hat pertains to Trump’s hat with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” The report that cited his interview with Forbes outlined West’s plans to turn the White House into a “Black Panther” style of presidency. The singer said, “Let’s get back to Wakanda.” 

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