Vice President Kamala Harris is once again called out for another incoherent “word salad” as critics are putting it. Fox News’ Jason Chaffetz slammed Kamala Harris for remarks to Highland Park shooting victims as she uttered some things very repetitively. Kamala Harris has been called out for ‘word salads’ very often since becoming vice president under President Joe Biden.


Here is what Kamala Harris said, according to the transcript posted by the White House:

7:18 P.M. CDT

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, to the community of Highland Park: I bring you condolences from President Joe Biden and from our country. I’m so sorry for what you all have experienced and the pain, the suffering. This should never have happened. We talk about it being senseless; it is senseless. It is absolutely senseless.

I want for you that you hold each other tight as a community, that you know that you have a whole nation who cares deeply about you and stands with you. This is a — an incredibly tight community. I know that. And this person will be brought to justice, but it’s not going to undo what happened.

And we — we’re here for you, and we stand with you. And of course, as we always say — because it is true — our prayers are with you.

The President and I and our administration have put all of the resources and will continue to put all of the resources that the Mayor and the Chief and others need in terms of the federal assistance. So the FBI and the ATF are here.

There’s a lot of healing that’s going to have to happen that is both physical and emotional. There is no question that this experience is something that is going to linger in terms of the trauma. And so, I’d like to urge all the families and all the individuals to do seek the support that you so rightly deserve.

And — and we’ll deal with what we need to deal with in terms of also, as we move forward, all agreeing that we’ve got to be smarter as a country in terms of who has access to what and, in particular, assault weapons. And we got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are — because you have been forced to have to take it seriously.

The whole nation should understand and have a level of empathy to understand that this can happen anywhere, in any peace-loving community. And we should stand together and speak out about why it’s got to stop.

Thank you.

END 7:21 P.M. CDT

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