WATCH: Kamala Harris responds to heckler during live event

Vice President Kamala Harris was discussing President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda when she was heckled by someone in the audience.

The heckler yelled things at Harris and she had a few things to say back to him as it was happening.

The heckler was eventually removed from the event.

The incident was caught on camera. WATCH IT HAPPEN:


Meanwhile, Kamala Harris faces possible issues after her video ad endorsing Terry McAuliffe might have violated IRS rules.

Former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder wasn’t happy with the video at all. The article posted on Yahoo stated about the video, that “ethics and legal experts say is a clear violation of IRS rules, is set to continue playing right up until the Nov. 2 gubernatorial election.”

It remains unclear how this will be managed and if the video in question will stop being played.