Kamala Harris is an unprepared ’embarrassment’: Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine and Joe Concha react to the vice president appearing to be unprepared for questions from the press. Judge Jeanine has been very vocal with her opinions of Vice President Kamala Harris, often scolding her for doing a poor job in crucial moments – particularly how she handles the southern border.


In the following video, Judge Jeanine suggests that Kamala Harris appears unprepared when on the world stage and taking questions from the audience. At least one incident in which Harris discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine, showed why people would suggest Harris is just not the best option for vice president, let alone any position in politics.

WATCH Judge Jeanine skewer Kamala Harris:


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In my opinion, one could say Kamala Harris was selected to be Joe Biden’s vice president because of the way she looks opposed to her talents, skills, and accomplishments. The Democratic Party wanted Joe Biden to select a woman of color for the position, which completely dismissed anyone else who may have wanted this job if they did not meet the color or gender requirements.

One could argue that this is the worst possible way to select someone for a job, because the best person for the job should be based on job-related requirements – not what a person looks like, which often adds no value to the job whatsoever.

Add Kamala’s cackling and inability to perform at a high level to the mix and one might say she’s the perfect disaster as vice president.

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