Kamala Harris’ speech writer quits, replaced by former Bill Gates staffer

Michael Fuchs, VP Kamala Harris’s assistant secretary, is slated to leave the administration in May, making him the Kamala Harris’ 11th official to leave in as many months.
Fuchs has counseled Harris on local and international matters, assisted her in staff management, and accompanied her on overseas visits.
He served in the State Department under President Barack Obama and as a foreign policy adviser to President Bill Clinton. According to a message sent among employees, Fuchs will stay in his present role until early May to ‘ensure a smooth transition.’ He won’t say where he’ll be heading yet.
Also reported by Daily Mail, is that “Kirsten Allen will be Vice President Kamala Harris’ new press secretary, moving over from the Department of Health and Human services (HHS) after three high-profile departures in the VP’s press shop.
She most recently worked for Gates Ventures as an editorial director, where she prepared speeches for Bill Gates. She also worked for the Obama administration as a senior speechwriter.
Meanwhile, VP Kamala Harris has a new press secretary, Kirsten Allen, who comes out from the Ministry of Health Services (HHS) after three high-profile departures from the VP’s press shop.

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