BOJAZI: Jussie Smollett’s first interview since ‘hoax’ was probably his best acting considering how many Democrats it fooled

We’re taking a look back at Jussie Smollett first interview after his alleged hate crime happened years ago and thinking, wow – this was probably his best acting considering how many people blindly followed his story since he was coming out as an anti-Trumper and the suspects were allegedly wearing pro-Trump hats.


At this point, he should be given the actor of the year award. Either that, or the people who supported him like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, the ‘Squad’ and others should finally admit they weren’t really believing the story, but they supported him because it pushed THEIR narrative and agenda and made Republicans look bad.

Now that Smollett has been found guilty, people are taking a look back at all the times Smollett defended himself and pushed this story. People are also looking down and mocking the media, celebrities, and politicians for backing what now appears to be a massive lie and hoax based upon the guilty verdict of Smollett.

Were people blindly supporting Smollett because it made Trump supporters look bad? Or did Smollett have them all convinced that this really happened? Donald Trump said the alleged crime was horrible and appeared to support a prosecution if the crime was real. As we find out later, after a guilty verdict, it appears the crime was not exactly real.

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WATCH Smollett’s interview from when he first spoke out about the alleged crime against him:


He’s smiling in the interview after allegedly being attacked. What’s there’s to smile about when you’re on television telling what’s supposed to be a horrifying story?

Meanwhile, one of the defense attorney’s for Smollett suggests they are “100 percent confident” that the verdict will be overturned in an appeal.

But should it be? If he’s found guilty now, what could they present that would make an appeal happen in their favor? What evidence could there possibly be to rule in favor of Smollett that wasn’t already available?

That’s something we will learn in the future, but for now, Smollett is guilty and it appears the people who supported him in the past have some backing up to do.

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