A temporary restraining order imposed by federal judge Charlotte Sweeney prevents a Colorado county from banning the sale and production of certain high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapons. Sweeney, of the U.S. District Court, issued the order in the plaintiffs’ favor, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, the National Association for Gun Rights, and local Martin Carter Kehoe, and against Boulder County. The county recently passed a law prohibiting the sale, transfer, and manufacture of “rapid-fire trigger activators,” “assault weapons,” and high-capacity magazines. It was not against the law for people to own any of the previously specified things.

Sweeney referenced a recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned a New York law requiring applicants for concealed carry permits to demonstrate a compelling necessity for self-defense. Individuals have a legal right to self-defense outside of their houses, the court declared on a 6-3 vote. Boulder County may continue imposing its prohibition on the sale of rapid-fire trigger activators thanks to Sweeney’s decision, reported Daily Caller.

“We are on fire, we just can’t stop winning in the courts,” Taylor Rhodes, the executive of Rocky Mountains Gun Owners, said. “Because of the correctly decided Bruen decision authored by Justice [Clarence] Thomas this summer, the floodgates are open, and we are taking back the rights that evil tyrants stole from us. All judges, no matter their political persuasion, will be forced to rule that our right to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed — and that’s exactly why this [temporary restraining order] was issued.”

The city of Boulder explained that it will “temporarily pause enforcement of its ban … to allow time for more legal coordination among neighboring jurisdictions.” “We always anticipated that some of our gun violence prevention measures might face legal challenges,” Teresa Taylor, City Attorney Tate, stated. “While these rulings are not directly related to the City of Boulder’s measures, we believe it is prudent to work with our neighbors on a coordinated legal strategy.” Tate stated that Boulder County and the cities of Boulder and Louisville would work together to take up the matter.

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