Joy Reid of MSNBC struggled to stay relevant when discussed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ policies. While the MSNBC host started the “The ReidOut” session by discussing Viktor Orban’s appearance at a conference in Dallas, she went on DeSantis asserting that he is working to create a “white nationalist environment.”

DeSantis has been repeatedly attacked by Joy Reid for his conservative stance since he became a star in the Republican Party. According to Reid, the focus of DeSantis’ should be on addressing the issue “that is quite literally wreaking havoc in his state right now”. She also went on to say that DeSantis’ most recent announcement suspending a U.S. state attorney demonstrates how determined he is to enforce his “white nationalist” viewpoint on others “or else.

“He fired a U.S. state attorney who refused to prosecute people related to abortion. Where he’s doing these openly authoritarian sort of Orbanist things, pushing what does feel like a version of White replacement theory, that you can’t make White children feel uncomfortable in school, that you can’t say anything about racism in the workplace, that you have to sort of create this sort of White nationalist environment everywhere or else,” Reid declared.

“I see the most Orbanization in somebody like DeSantis who has this sort of propaganda school that he’s sending teachers to in the summer where they teach them that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington opposed slavery and don’t bother to mention that they owned slaves, where he’s essentially forcing teachers to accept this indoctrination,” Reid stated making a reference to Orban’s appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas. The Hungarian Prime Minister is well-known for his anti-immigration stance, so Reid concluded that both Orban and the Republican Party are equally guilty of endorsing a white nationalist movement.

David Jolly, a former Florida representative who was a member of the Republican Party until 2018, was in agreement with Reid’s assertions, emphasizing that the present conservative movement is driven by racism. “There is no question that the conservative movement in the United States has embraced the great replacement theory,” Jolly stated, as reported on Fox News.

This comes after Reid lambasted DeSantis for his “attacks” against COVID testing. In 2021, Reid accused DeSantis of “killing children” for his refusal to mandate masks in schools during the coronavirus pandemic. Back in April, she alleged that his signature on the “Stop Woke” bill with black children at his back was “tantamount to child abuse.” She also repeatedly described him as an “authoritarian leader.”

Reid slammed DeSantis for his focus on the crisis over the state’s public school curriculum and critical race theory and made some comments about his wife’s breast cancer that some considered inappropriate.

“His wife was one of the more than 300,000 women in the United States who were diagnosed with breast cancer last year,” Reid stated. “Now fortunately, she appears to be on the road to recovery, and we wish her well. But she told all of us that she only found out about it because of early screening – aka testing.”

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