WATCH: Johnny Depp’s best comebacks during testimony in Amber Heard trial

Actor Johnny Depp is in a defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard and there’s a few times where it seems like he absolutely destroyed Amber and her lawyers. The video was described as the following: “Law&Crime presents a collection of top moments from Johnny Depp’s testimony including his comebacks and reactions to questions from attorneys. It can be inferred that Depp was surprised by the number of objections based on hearsay.”



Some of the best comments to this video said the following:

Johnny’s a better attorney than Amber’s lawyers. That bit where he pauses cuz he knows there’s gonna be a hearsay call does bring a smile to my face

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The way he says “I poured myself a large glass of wine, I thought it necessary” Gets me every time!!

Amber didn’t think he would retaliate after she wrote the op-Ed. She thought he would just get on with it like he did after the London trial. She expected him to just brush it under the carpet as he always did to avoid media attention, to avoid dramas and to avoid any further trouble. I’m glad he decided to get back at her. Tolerating peoples intolerable attitude towards you only teaches them how they can keep treating you.

He’s a whole lot more honest than Amber has ever been. Her horrible attempt at acting on the stand like a traumatized victim is repulsive.

This man is a pillar. Heartache, mistakes, and bad decisions are a part of ALL our lives…..Imagine trying to navigate through them all being in the public eye…Johnny has never swayed from who he is or what he stands for…This man is a PILLAR.

I honestly believe Johnny is showing his real self here, no lies, no deception just his pure personality, kind, calm and extremely articulate. Amber almost seems too caught up in keeping together her own narrative and lies together she doesn’t have time for crowd interaction other than posing and playing victim, while Johnny with his mischievous jokes and jests just runs with the whole courtroom.

Johnny is not only a great actor but he is a decent kind soul who clearly didn’t know how to deal with a manipulative psycho.

“you were drinking heavily” “Were you there?” Gets me every time

I’ve never really been the type to idolize sports or movie stars but the more of what I’ve seen in this trial sinks in the more of a fanatic I’m finding myself to be of Johnny Depp…at this point I’d bet the farm that this man hasn’t a malicious bone in his body. My hat is off to him for keeping his class throughout this mess and my heart goes out to him for falling victim to the she-devil that is Amber Heard! Karma will be visiting her and any other of his haters as this light makes his star shine brighter by multiples! May peace now truly be with you Johnny Depp…all the best my man!

They literally don’t give him a chance.. He is showing himself, as truly as he is.. No fakeness. Also I love how he likes to confirm with the judge that he can continue.

The way Rottenborn phrases things is tricky. “And you would agree that abc is xyz, right?” He’s basically framing his questions with an affirmative at both the beginning and end of his sentences. He also makes affirmative statements and expecting JD to respond to these statements as if they were questions. Technically there’s 2 or 3 statements JD can rebuff before even answering the core question. JD has the power to force the attorney to painstakingly rephrase his statements as questions and fluster Mr. Rottonborn’s petty legaleeze tactics. He has intuitively picked up on this as this compilation shows.

Johnny comes across exactly as he is. A genuine, kind hearted soul who has endured a lot. He is the typical artist-the tortured soul. Something about that pain ignites the passion within, and his genuine nature just shines! I’m glad he made all these little jests and jokes…shows the jury that he’s just being himself. Unlike the she-devil, who is desperately putting on an act.

Johnny is the original mobster! He could win an Oscar for playing in a godfather movie. But I believe he’s totally honest in all of this. Hopefully he’ll get some help with his future. He’s so talented

Johnny was so professional and had perfect comedic timing with his answers. He looked like he genuinely felt bad when the judge scolded the audience for laughing.

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