Senator Joe Manchin’s unexpected lack of support for President Biden’s Build Back Better plan has sparked further speculation that he may depart the Democratic Party at some point.

People close to Manchin tell Axios that if he leaves the Democratic Party, he’d rather go independent than become a Republican.

According to “Fox News Sunday ” the senator’s decision just the day before Christmas appeared to be timed to have the biggest impact possible.

Joe Manchin’s formal defection might make it even more difficult for Democrats to pass parts of the $1.75 trillion plan. President Joe Biden is now faced with the unexpected task of quickly reworking his policy agenda in a crucial election year.

Progressives were worried all year about cutting their spending plans to keep Manchin on board. When the negotiations got serious, Manchin decided to withdraw his support abruptly.

According to Biden officials, Manchin’s decision caught the White House off guard. It also sparked Democratic fury with people like Ilhan Omar lashing out. Despite the backlash, it appears that Manchin could one day become an Independent if he leaves the Democratic Party – and less likely that he would join the Republicans.

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