Jill Biden was seen on camera pulling her Democratic presidential candidate husband, Joe Biden, away from reporters as a means to remind him of social distancing.

The former vice president was talking with reporters about next weeks presidential debate against President Donald Trump and if there would be any debates considering Trump’s current medical situation. Jill Biden can be seen on camera sneaking up behind him, grabbing him softly, and guiding him backwards in hopes to distance him from the reporters.

Joe Biden continued with his conversation from a further distance. He suggests that he will attend the second debate against President Trump if the “proper safety protocols were established and put into place” according to Fox News.

Biden stated that “if the scientists say that it’s safe — the distances are safe — then I think that’s fine…. I’ll do whatever the experts say is appropriate for me to do.”

President Donald Trump was cleared to exit Walter Reed and return to the White House after being hospitalized and treated for several days. There is some speculation that Trump should remain in treatment longer as he still has a long recovery ahead, despite doctors clearing him to exit Walter Reed.

The president had a low level of activity on his Twitter account when he first went into treatment, but went on a “tweet storm” today – or someone posting on his account did. Many of Trump’s latest messages revolved around comparing what he has to offer as president to that of Joe Biden.


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