Incapacitated Joe Biden should resign, or be removed from office immediately: Steve Hilton (video)

Steve Hilton, from ‘The Next Revolution’ on Fox News, suggested that President Joe Biden is basically incapacitated and he should either resign or be removed from office immediately. Hilton talked about it and specifically mentioned the baby formula shortage as one of the reasons.

STEVE HILTON: More than Biden’s border crisis, more than Biden’s inflation crisis…the Biden baby crisis proves beyond any doubt that this Biden regime, the whole rotten crew of Obama retreats, swamp time-servers and juvenile activists is totally unserious and completely incompetent.
We were promised ‘The West Wing’ and we ended up with ‘Veep.’ We’ve gone from [Operation] Warp Speed with Trump, to car crash with Biden. Just look what Biden has done to our standing in the world. Begging for oil from Venezuela, and baby food from Europe… Biden literally has no clue what’s going on around him.
This is the real crisis. The underlying crisis, the crisis underlying the inflation crisis and the border crisis and the Afghan crisis and the baby crisis and all the others is Biden’s capacity to do his job. The policy failures, the broken promises, these are things for our political process to resolve in the timehonored way through elections, but Biden’s obvious inability to perform the duties of president properly, that’s different. We cannot wait until 2024. It’s not right….that’s no reason for the United States of America to tolerate an incapacitated president. We must respect the constitution. Biden has proven he’s not fit to be president. He should resign or be removed from office immediately.
President Joe Biden was mocked over another decision he’s made, but this time his decision had a Fox News contributor saying Biden’s actions are the “definition of insanity.”
It was Brian Brenberg, the The King’s College Executive Vice President of Business professor, who told Stuart Varney of FOX Business, that Joe Biden putting the Defense Production Act into progress “is the definition of insanity to say the federal government needs more power to solve the problems they created in the first place.”
Brenberg accused Joe Biden of dodging responsibility for the shortage of baby formula by putting the Defense Production Act into play, which directs the military contracts to start shipping formula to the United States at a faster pace, as reported.
Brenberg later said: “This has been a problem that’s been in place for a year now… People trying to buy formula back in July of last year couldn’t find it on the shelves because the companies had supply shortages, because they couldn’t get workers.”
He continued telling Varney: “This president keeps trying to dodge responsibility instead of doing the things he could do to make things better… we’re watching it again with baby formula.”
He further stated that President Joe Biden is making it more difficult to produce oil in the United States, an effort that could help alleviate the ridiculously record high gas prices that are harming every day Americans on a daily basis.
However, Joe Biden’s White House claims they are working on a solution on the baby formula shortage after the Abbott Nutrition manufacturing plant closed down back in February, in Sturgis, Michigan.
However, just a few days ago, the Abbott Nutrition company struck a deal with the FDA to reopen their plant in hopes to help with the shortage problem, as reported on CNBC. Although, parents may be weary to consume anything from a plant that was shut down over potentially contaminated conditions, if not fixed properly:
Abbott reached an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration on Monday to reopen the company’s manufacturing plant in Michigan to help ease a nationwide shortage of baby formula, after the facility was closed due to bacterial contamination.
FDA Commissioner Robert Califf said Abbott, under the conditions of the agreement, will correct insanitary conditions that led to the contamination and plant closure.
“The public should rest assured that the agency will do everything possible to continue ensuring that infant and other specialty formulas produced by the company meet the FDA’s safety and quality standards,” Califf said in a statement.
The agreement between Abbott and the FDA, called a consent decree, was approved by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan on Monday. Abbott can restart the Sturgis, Michigan, plant within two weeks once the FDA gives the go-ahead, the company said. However, it said it would take six to eight weeks from the start of production for formula to arrive on store shelves.

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