President-elect Joe Biden has released a statement after Democrat Nancy Pelosi was reelected to serve her fourth term as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Biden’s statement congratulated Pelosi and suggested that she is one of the most effective and accomplished legislators in American history.

The statement was made on the BuildBackBetter website, one that Biden’s campaign uses to post updates and statements from the future president.

This comes shortly after Pelosi squared off with Republican Kevin McCarthy in a narrow race, in which she edged McCarthy by a margin of 216 to 208. Those submitting votes were permitted to cast a vote for anyone, and there was a handful of Democrats who did not support Pelosi this time around.

However, all four members of “The Squad” did support her over McCarthy, despite any differences that might have been revealed as of late.

Biden’s statement praising Nancy Pelosi started off with the following:

Jill and I extend our warmest congratulations to Speaker Pelosi on her well-deserved reelection today as Speaker of the House of Representatives. A trailblazing leader — and one of the most effective and accomplished legislators in our nation’s history — I have no doubt that Speaker Pelosi will continue to lead the House with dignity, principle, and patriotic resolve.

Biden then predicted a time of “pain and loss in the months to come” while stating it is an opportunity to unite and make progress as a country.

The former vice president also briefly mentioned climate change, equity and justice in society, and building back a strong American economy.

Nancy Pelosi endorsed Joe Biden for president about eight months ago. He is set to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

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