Reporter shut down for asking if Joe Biden will pardon Hunter Biden (video)

During a White House press conference, the woman who appears to be taking Jen Psaki’s place for the moment was asked if there was any talks of President Joe Biden using his pardon powers to pardon his son, Hunter Biden. Her answer was basically no answer.
WATCH what she says:

Hunter Biden has been under an intense microscope this week after it was revealed that his laptop hard drive is in fact real. Numerous leftist outlets have admitted it, such as the NY Times and Washington Post who both reported on it recently, and either suggested it was real – or reported on it as if it were real.
Right wing journalists and personalities have been talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop for quite a while, but many people on the left side of politics brushed it off as though it was fake or a hoax.
Anyone who suggested Hunter Biden’s laptop was fake is now eating a plate full of crow and most likely trying to cover their tracks or walk back claims or statements they made suggesting it was anything but real.
Now that the Hunter Biden laptop has been exposed as real, it’s only a matter of time until the full contents of the hard drive are revealed. However, may critics believe there is no chance the full contents will be released unless it’s a leak.

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