After refusing to support Build Back Better, Joe Biden now claims he and Manchin will ‘get something done’

Senator Manchin has refused to support President Biden’s Build Back Better bill, placing it at great risk. Manchin stated that White House employees did “inexcusable” actions that led to his decision to openly oppose Biden’s proposal and not sign the $1.75 trillion bill. His choice drew widespread criticism, but Biden appears to be working to reconcile his differences with the senator.


Reuters reported that Joe Biden had claimed on Tuesday that he and Joe Manchin were going to ‘get something done’ regarding the pending legislation that focuses on social spending and climate.

Following his remarks on the pandemic at the White House, Biden told the reporters that he wanted to finish what he has been working on, believing that there still was a chance of getting Build Back Better done.

Senate Democrats have supported Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, in his plans to vote on the legislation in January.

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According to an unidentified source, Schumer discussed the frustrating situation during a 95-minute virtual conference of the 50-member Senate Democratic Caucus, referring to Joe Manchin’s decision.

It is still unknown if Manchin was attending the virtual meeting.

Following Manchin’s announcement, Goldman Sachs Group Inc lowered its economic growth predictions for the United States.

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